Saudi Arabia & its Rapid Expansion into Film Production

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is making significant strides in the film production industry, as part of its Vision 2030 plan. The country has recently lifted a 35-year ban on cinemas and is now aiming to produce and shoot 100 films and have 2,000 cinema screens in place by 2030. A target set by the Saudi Ministry of […]

Artificial Intelligence and Journalism: How to ensure a smooth transition

The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on journalism was discussed in a recent RTS webinar, highlighting both its benefits and risks. While AI has the potential to empower journalists and transform the industry, concerns about deep fake videos, articles and online bots pose a huge threat. Panellists, Symeon Brown (C4 News Correspondent), Ali-Abbas Ali (Ofcom […]

Placement | Jose Salazar, MBC

We at Lumina are very happy to announce the appointment of Jose Salazar as Vice President of Production Finance for MBC In his new role, Jose will be responsible for setting strategy for and overseeing the day to day operations of the studio’s production finance department for their growing slate of high-end projects. Based in […]

Streaming vs Cinema – The Next Chapter

In recent years, we’ve witnessed a stark contrast between the struggles faced by traditional cinemas and the soaring success of streaming services. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but can they find a way to coexist in harmony? The COVID-19 pandemic dealt a heavy blow to the cinema industry, leading to the closure of many […]

Berlin’s VFX sector receives €4m funding boost

Berlin’s senate has given funding of €4m to their VFX sector for the next two years which gives a massive boost and vote of confidence in this fast-growing sector The VFX industry is expanding quickly, & an increasing number of films produced have attracted international audiences and are distributed globally. With the global film and […]

Will live sport choose to take advantage of growing FAST audiences?

Since the launch of CBS Sport on April 11th, Lumina, along with others in the industry, is taking time to discuss what it means for the future of Live sport. With Live sports rights slightly fragmented and viewers having to purchase a number of different subscriptions to watch live games, CBS Sports’ Golazo is a […]

An introduction to AEM International

Lumina Search is proud to introduce you to our new group partner, AEM International AEM International is a specialist search firm with an international track record in global search for creative and executive leaders in the arts, culture, live entertainment, and the creative industries. Working at the highest level with Chairs and Boards of nationally and […]

Brand Funded Entertainment: The Next Generation of TV?

On a Wednesday back in January, we attended an RTS panel that explored whether brand funded entertainment is the next generation of Television As we all know, brands have an exciting opportunity to create content that viewers will engage with and be engrossed in. Yet, they’re frequently turning to TV Production companies to help make […]

Placement | Jesse Bergsma, Iyuno

We’re pleased to announce the appointment of Jesse Bergsma as Managing Director for Belgium & Netherlands for Iyuno. He will be accountable for all aspects of the local operation of subtitling and dubbing services and delivery of business for its people and customers. Jesse will be key in driving revenue growth for the location, responsible […]

Placement | Christina Wayne, MBC

Lumina is delighted to announce the appointment of Christina Wayne as Managing Director, Studios for MBC. The prominent U.S. producer will lead MBC Studios Group’s film/series production arm created with a primary objective to increase focus on Regional/Arabic and international film and TV drama series that resonate with audiences in MENA, through cinema, television and […]