The BBC: What Lies Ahead?

Tim Davie RTS Event

The BBC, a titan of British media, stands at a crossroads. While globally admired, funding cuts and changing consumption habits threaten its future. However, Tim Davie’s recent address reveals a BBC not merely adapting, but poised to become a catalyst for positive change. Championing British Storytelling, But Can It Compete? Davie’s three-pronged approach – British […]

The Human Touch in a Digital Age: Why Creativity Will Thrive Alongside AI in the Future

AI - Human Touch

The creative and media industries have always thrived on human ingenuity. However, the landscape is undergoing a seismic shift with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI). While some fear a robotic takeover, the reality is far more nuanced. AI is poised to become a powerful collaborator, augmenting human creativity and ushering in a new era […]

Navigating the Evolving Television Landscape: 2024 Predictions

TV Predictions 2024

A recent Royal Television Society panel discussion offered insightful perspectives on the television industry’s trajectory in 2024. The overarching theme of the discourse focused on navigating impending financial constraints and adapting to evolving audience preferences. Shifting Budgetary Landscape: One key prediction highlighted the tightening of content creation budgets. This anticipated financial climate suggests a proliferation of […]

Reviving the Classics: A Deep Dive into Rebooted TV Formats

TV Reboot

Lumina recently attended another amazing RTS event that explored the ever-growing concept of the reboot. The renowned television formats, including Big Brother, Survivor, Gladiators, and Deal or No Deal, are making a comeback in the UK this year, returning to our screens after a significant break in one case for over 2 decades. These resurfacing […]

Placement – Edward Humphrey, Marquee TV

Ed Humphrey

We at Lumina are delighted to announce the appointment of Ed Humphrey as Chief Executive Officer of Marquee TV. As Chief Executive Officer, Ed will be responsible for setting the overall vision and the management of the resources’ operations of Marquee TV. Humphrey will develop the strategies for the company and communicate these to both […]

2024: Anticipating the Future of the Media & Entertainment Sectors

The Future of Media

As we head into 2024, the media industry is set for a remarkable year, marked by a slew of exciting changes. However, we mustn’t lose sight of the many obstacles that surrounded the industry in 2023, including economic volatility, budgetary limitations, and increasing concerns over privacy. In the next year, digital media will continue to […]

Placement | Jose Salazar, MBC

We at Lumina are very happy to announce the appointment of Jose Salazar as Vice President of Production Finance for MBC In his new role, Jose will be responsible for setting strategy for and overseeing the day to day operations of the studio’s production finance department for their growing slate of high-end projects. Based in […]

Our Key Highlights from the Searchlight & Lumina HR Forum 2023

On April 27th, HR experts from the media and entertainment industry gathered to commemorate the workplace of tomorrow. The event showcased an array of sessions, panels, topics, and speakers, featuring some familiar faces from various companies. While the event was insightful and thought-provoking overall, we’ve compiled key highlights from the day. Led by husband and […]