Trend 2018 – TV in the cloud

    Molotov TV cloud TVThe television has come a long way since its inception as a mass consumer product and the technology and user experience is constantly improving. In recent years, we have seen a shift away from traditional scheduling into a personalised delivery. Lumina takes a look at the progression and new cloud TV trend in the market.

    Broadcasters remain adamant that scheduling is still a requirement within broadcasters, given that a curated schedule is often still favoured. Both stars and schedulers have alluded to this, when Lumina attended the Breaking into Broadcasting event hosted by RTS Futures (click here to read our report). However, broadcasters are catering to those wanting content delivered to them when they want, expanding into the OTT market. Providing content whenever and wherever you wanted, it has created a new battleground for channels, broadcasters and networks.

    Yet, while the OTT market is growing, the television is remaining a key player in global media consumption. 2018 looks set to become known for the rise of cloud TV and recording. The likes of TVPlayer and Molotov TV are providing subscribers with the functionality of Netflix for curated TV schedules, combining both television and on demand content into one fluid service. The well-documented issues with spending 30 minutes finding a episode or film to watch on Netflix is removed with these services. Input your favourite programmes, personnel and films and it automatically can curate a personalised stream of content for you. The benefits of this advanced cloud-EPG model is great for all sides. Audiences get a more personalised experience with television – rather than relying on scheduling – broadcasters and producers can achieve better engagement and potentially higher audience figures.

    The likes of Molotov TV operate on the freemium model, offering a free subscription plus several premium packages that include higher cloud recording capacity and additional channels. It rolls all the channels and their OTT offerings into one place. The French service has grown exponentially in recent years, passing over 1 million subscribers. Offering multiple packages with additional benefits and channels, Molotov TV has a strong subscription base and looks set to continue growing.

    These services are making rapid advances by striking deals and carriage rights with major broadcasters and networks. TVPlayer recently announced a deal with NBCUniversal, allowing subscribers to access on-demand content from it’s channels, including Syfy, Movies 24 and Universal Channel (LINK), available across the cloud. It joins TVPlayer alongside agreements with Discovery, UKTV, Viacom and A+E Networks.

    Just as Netflix made it easier to access films, Molotov TV makes it a more enjoyable experience for watching television. The industry faces more challenges than previously, with OTT and SVODs, but services such as Molotov TV will be a useful partner for broadcasters.