Streaming vs Cinema – The Next Chapter

In recent years, we’ve witnessed a stark contrast between the struggles faced by traditional cinemas and the soaring success of streaming services. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but can they find a way to coexist in harmony? The COVID-19 pandemic dealt a heavy blow to the cinema industry, leading to the closure of many […]

Cinema, Streaming and The Paris Theater

In a very unexpected move, the company that was built from seeing movies in the comfort of your own home, has bought and established their first official cinema. The Paris Theater, an iconic and well-established picture-house in Manhattan recently closed back in August after 70 years in the business. Netflix stepped in this month to […]

The Impact of “Cord Cutting” on Cinema

The rise of SVoD services has coincided with many opting out of Pay-TV platforms. This shift, known as Cord Cutting, is happening across the globe. With the news that global SVoD revenue has now overtaken the global revenue of the box office, we are right to wonder what impact the popularity of SVoD services is […]

Gender Pay Gap results

As the deadline for reporting the gender pay gap passes, most firms have now announced the difference in pay between men and women. Over 1,000 firms delivered their reports on the final day, raising the number of companies that have reported to over 10,000. Lumina takes a look at the media industry and its figures,  […]

MoviePass concept gets a UK equivalent

The cinema industry in the UK has remained steady in recent years. Long gone are the years of decline and concern that home entertainment would overtake the exhibition sector, the cinemas have fought back to maintain admission figures. In recent months, there have been several disruptors in the sector looking to offer cheap cinema access. […]