PLACEMENT | Adeline Cassin, CuriosityStream

    Lumina is delighted to congratulate Adeline Cassin on her new role at CuriosityStream, the streaming service for non-fiction programming based in Washington DC and backed by John Hendricks, founder of Discovery Communications.

    A digital specialist with a wealth of experience driving innovation and growing digital and TV businesses, as SVP of Marketing Adeline will play a crucial role in further developing its brand and subscriber base, both in the US and across the globe.

    CuriosityStream is a leading destination for premier documentary and nonfiction series and films, delivering an immersive viewing experience for fans of science, space, tech and health to history, nature and civilization. This Emmy nominated service entertains and inspires viewers of all ages across every device and major platform.

    Adeline says that in this fast paced, ever evolving sector, there is no typical day. Excitement abounds, along with quick thinking and agility, as she brainstorms with the content, tech and marketing teams to deliver with delight Stephen Hawking zooming around the universe, ancient dinosaurs and Egyptian pharaohs brought to life, and cutting edge insights on food as medicine. We truly are in the golden age of fueling storytelling with the power of technology, and CuriosityStream is at the forefront of this renaissance, combining an art as old as humanity’s origins with the future of science and technology to innovate the viewing experience.

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