PLACEMENT | Dominic Schreiber, Reel One Entertainment

    Lumina is pleased to announce the placement of Dominic Schreiber at Reel One Entertainment. Our extensive search has led to Dominic becoming Global Drama Executive at the Canadian film company.

    With a strong background at major public service broadcasters in the UK, Dominic brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Reel One Entertainment. As International Development Manager at Channel 4, Dominic was responsible for negotiating development deals with worldwide clients and producers. A strong understanding of the broadcasting world, Dominic joins Reel One to handle business strategy – building relationships with broadcasters, identify revenue avenues and develop marketing strategies.

    With offices in Montreal, Vancouver, Los Angeles and London, Reel One Entertainment is a growing film business, with departments handling development, finance, production and distribution. Focused on producing high-quality scripted programming – mainly TV movies – for distribution on Lifetime and Syfy channels in USA, plus international broadcasters too.

    The role will be based in South London and Dominic will be working with senior executives across the London and North American offices. We would like to wish Dominic success in his new position.