PLACEMENT | Nick Pollard, CGTN

Nick Pollard, who recently sat as a Member of the OFCOM Board and Chairman of the OFCOM Content Board, has been hired by CGTN as a consultant and adviser for the organisation.

He left OFCOM back in May 2018 and joined CGTN in December. While at OFCOM Pollard gained extensive experience in dealing will UK code violations and navigating potential breaches in law. His appointment by CGTN will help then avoid any potential issues in the future.

Pollard is a veteran in the industry, with over 40 years experience in broadcasting. He has worked with both BBC and Sky, heading up their news service. He also oversaw the Services Sound and Vision Corporation, a broadcasting house dedicated to the British Armed Forces.

Joining CGTN, he will aid in their expansion oversees, especially in the UK where they have recently opened a London office.

At Lumina, we wish Nick Pollard the best for this exciting new challenge and good luck in the role.