Your next opportunity in the Social Media age

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In today’s world, social media plays a large role in most day-to-day lives. As daily consumption continues to hit new records, social media has provided excellent opportunities for the senior executives with the likes of LinkedIn acting as an additional tool for both recruiter and professional.

One of the biggest opportunities comes from LinkedIn. The professional’s social network continues to be a strong option in the hiring manager’s toolset. By storing your employment history and interests, the network has become a major role in today’s modern world of recruitment, whether in-house HR departments or senior executive search agencies like Lumina. However, what LinkedIn has managed is to kill off the traditional CV and covering letter. These forms of personal expression remains of vital importance, with the social network presence as an additional tool for both recruiter and seeker. LinkedIn can be treated more as an extension of the two-page CV, providing the opportunity to delve into much deeper detail of employment.

On top of this, LinkedIn just loves to let you know when someone views your LinkedIn profile. Instead of returning the favour, take that opportunity to view your own. It’s unlikely you know the true reason behind the profile view, however by ensuring your LinkedIn is up to scratch, there is little need to consider the possibilities – knowing full well your profile displays all the information it needs.

The hiring process has gained an additional stage in recent decades – the background checks, carried out online with social media. While frowned upon by most, HR departments can tell a lot from even the most basic profile and as more and more individuals publish their information publicly, the information is available for scrutiny. A survey reported in Business Insider suggested that up to six in ten employers would check social media for background on candidates. Principally, they’re on the lookout for the right personality, the interests and professionalism – as an employee, you’re also an ambassador for the company.

Plus, the social networks stick all individuals into one category. We’ve all seen the ‘People also viewed’ feature of LinkedIn, packed full of similar individuals to yourself and close affiliations. Not only does your CV have to compete for the attention of the recruiter, but now you must compete on social network.

Overall, in 2018, social media will play an increasing role when it comes to securing your next role. Its time to make sure your social media presence up to scratch.

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