EVENTS | Creative Summit – June 1st – 3rd

    Lumina was delighted to attend the Creative and Global Summits held at BAFTA Piccadilly. These impressively organised and well-attended events offered a highly stimulating programme of sessions and guest speakers.

    Among the vast array of panel discussions, a particular highlight was a session offering insight into the formula behind hit programs which travel internationally. As well as success stories, the discussion saw the mention of major flops, including a Japanese version of Dragon’s Den, resembling a “Begging Programme” in which contestants were humiliated for laughs. Also discussed was a UK game show which challenged contestants to dream up the best way to spend £1m, with the winning candidate receiving a cash prize. This bizarre concept was swiftly pulled after the initial pilot.

    At another session, Left Bank Pictures CEO Andy Harries revealed that the commissioning  decision to make drama series “The Crown” was completed in a staggering 30 minutes, by senior Netflix executives upon reading the script and viewing the sizzle tape – a major coup made all the more impressive by the fact that the trailer was made by the office runner. So clearly there’s hope for “Will from W1A” after all…

    Creative Week was presented by MBI’s leading creative industry brands Broadcast, Screen and Shots. Read more about the event here.