Coronavirus: Your Questions Answered – Free Live Webinar

Many of you, if not all, will be working from home right now. Things do seem unclear with the global and industry situation remaining fluid. While this is a cause for concern, there are many industry experts helping to bring clarity to the situation.

Lumina and Searchlight are once again partnering with Lewis Silkin to bring you a FREE live webinar to cover some of the industries frequently asked questions.

This webinar event is tailored for HR professionals and Senior Executives with HR responsibility.

TOMORROW – Tuesday 24th of March: 11-12AM GMT 

Talking to our clients across the film and TV industry in recent days, it has been clear that many are looking for legal advice on a vast array of issues resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Russell Brimelow (Partner),  Hannah Price (Legal Director) and Naomi Hanrahan-Soar (Managing Associate) will discuss the following:

  • How do you deal with staff with suspected coronavirus or self isolating?
  • What are your obligations towards vulnerable staff?
  • Working from home (and combining caring responsibilities) – how should employers deal with the issues arising?
  • What options do employers have in dealing with the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the business?
  • What is the impact of coronavirus from an immigration perspective?
  • What are the Media industry’s key issues apart from the above

This webinar will be followed by a live Q&A, allowing you to bring any questions or concerns into the discussion.

The link to the event can be found here, please feel free to register:

For any questions regarding the event, please email