The BBC: What Lies Ahead?

Tim Davie RTS Event

The BBC, a titan of British media, stands at a crossroads. While globally admired, funding cuts and changing consumption habits threaten its future. However, Tim Davie’s recent address reveals a BBC not merely adapting, but poised to become a catalyst for positive change. Championing British Storytelling, But Can It Compete? Davie’s three-pronged approach – British […]

The Human Touch in a Digital Age: Why Creativity Will Thrive Alongside AI in the Future

AI - Human Touch

The creative and media industries have always thrived on human ingenuity. However, the landscape is undergoing a seismic shift with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI). While some fear a robotic takeover, the reality is far more nuanced. AI is poised to become a powerful collaborator, augmenting human creativity and ushering in a new era […]