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VR adoption remains slow

    Virtual reality has continued to attract investment in the past year since we covered the topic last – click here to read that article. While the investment is high, recent surveys have discovered that uptake for VR technology is slow, just 4% of the UK population has access to a VR headset. With VR attempting

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    The potential homes to Channel 4

      When the Channel 4 move was brought up at the RTS Cambridge Convention, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport had carried out surveys to gauge the public opinion on the matter. It asked the following question: To what extent do you agree/disagree that C4’s regional impact would be enhanced if more of its people

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      Reporting the Gender Pay Gap

        From this month, thousands of companies will begin publishing reports on the disparity of earnings between genders. Whether voluntary, private, or public sector, employers with 250 or more employees will be required to publish their figures by April 2018. The UK is one of the first countries to implement a scheme like this, and while

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        CEO Shuffle – All change at UK’s top broadcasters

          2017 truly marks a significant year for the upper crust of British TV broadcasting. After a tumultuous tenure spent protecting Channel 4 from the threat of privatisation and defending its controversial poaching of a flagship BBC format, its leader David Abraham announced in March that he was moving on. Barely a month later, on the

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          2016 Industry Round Up

            2016 has been a seismic year in modern history. Full of highs and lows, we have witnessed political earthquakes, new world leaders, digital crazes and box office record-breakers. All will help to shape our expectations for 2017. For the media industry in particular, it has also been an unpredictable year, full of huge company shake-ups,

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            Step into the Future of TV: The Arrival of VR

              It’s been imagined for decades in sci-fi movies, and touted in recent years by developers around the globe, but at last it seems Virtual Reality has finally arrived for the mass market, and people are beginning to take notice. Yet, once considered mere fantasy, the notion of VR and “360 storytelling” has become widely accepted

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